Sources of import finance for business

There are many sources of import finance for business ranging from:

However, just like a doctor we do not “prescribe” any sources of import finance for a business generally or search for potential sources to “cure” your finance needs until we fully understand your Business first.

understanding your business

We offer a unique personal service that concentrates on the Business ambitions first and funding needs second.

The process we’ll take you through has been proven to both secure and deliver a source of import finance for your Business that is:

  • practical
  • workable
  • scalable
  • affordable

Furthermore, that process, outlined below, is designed to deliver the information prospective commercial lending sources of import finance for business need so they can make a swift decision.

That information is not just facts and figures, it’s also the “who, what & why” of your Business.

If you’re looking for a “label” our firm is a commercial import finance brokerage. However, we don’t operate as a traditional business loan broker simply passing your details to a swathe of possible business finance providers in the “hope” a match is found.

We work with you and alongside your Business from first enquiry to implementation of your chosen import finance solution; and beyond as your long term trade finance partner.

We work for you & your business

Consequently we work for you and your Business. You are our client not any prospective lender. Not until we fully understand your Business, the people within it and confirm that we can find a source of import finance that will benefit your Business will we offer our services to deliver that finance on your behalf.

Therefore whatever your import finance needs, for whatever purpose, the outcome of the process we’ll take you through will be:

  • JUST the right amount of import finance
  • from the right source
  • of the right type
  • on the right interest rate and terms
  • at the right time

Ultimately by being completely independent with access to all potential types and sources of import finance we deliver a solution tailored to suit your unique set of business circumstances.

Our Process

Simply put the ethos of our firm and everything we do is Business first, funding second.