Funding Solutions for Importers, Exporters & Cross Traders

Helping you grow international trade

Our Clients are typically involved in one or more of the following activities and need business import finance to start, grow, expand or diversify their international trade.

However, we can help you with any international business finance challenge.

Simply contact us for a chat about your business development ambitions and specific circumstances.


  • UK Companies importing products for onward wholesale or retail sale, (Business to Business or Business to Consumer sales).
  • UK Companies importing components for use within their own manufacturing process or onward wholesale or retail sale.
  • Overseas Companies exporting into the UK whose customers, wholesalers or resellers require a finance solution.
  • UK Companies purchasing equipment from overseas for "own use" and require the entire international supply chain financing.
  • UK Companies serving niche sectors, (e.g. Subsea engineering), that cross-trade specialist equipment internationally.
  • New or developing UK Companies with a first or growing export opportunity, (often as a result of importing), requiring full supply chain support.


Import Finance Solutions

Any type of import of any value can be financed. Choosing the right solution is the challenge

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Imported Asset Finance

Importing equipment or machinery? All forms of finance available including deposit finance

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Import Business Loans

Suitable for any type of import & a vast range of choice

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Import Debt Factoring

Use the value of your invoices to pay for imports or improve cash flow

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