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Developing UK international trade with
import finance solutions

Unique as the only independent commercial import finance Firm in the UK focused on imports, importers and international trade into the UK.

Able to finance any type of import, of any value from any origin, clients range from:

  • UK importers, (e.g. wholesalers, retailers, resellers, distributors, manufacturers & ecommerce traders); and
  • Overseas exporters seeking to develop or expand trade with the UK.

Prospective clients come to me as they cannot get Government support, (which is export focused), or traditional Bank support for reasons ranging from deal size, trade structure, speed of decision or finance amount.

Paul Jolley

Import Finance Specialist

“A career spanning over 30 years in international trade.

First as an officer in the Merchant Navy gaining in depth practical understanding of shipping, freight, port operations, cargo documentation, documentary credit, customs requirements and containerisation.

Then leaving the sea with degrees and post graduate diplomas in business, commercial law and finance, I’ve held a range of commercial positions all of them creating, developing and building international trading businesses.

Experiencing how Government and financial institutions focused on exports & supporting exporters that left importers to “cobble together” finance solutions often inappropriate to their trading needs prompted me to start Ashwood Partnerships.

Formed to provide a whole of market, unbiased, independent Firm delivering finance solutions that, by understanding both how UK businesses and international import trade operate, are practical, workable, scalable and affordable solutions.

Ultimately I work for you not any lender and my mission is to help your Business to thrive.”


Cash Flow Issues

The time lag between ordering, payment and receiving your goods ready to sell, causes cash flow issues.

Loss of Opportunity

A lack of stock can lead to missed opportunities. The more stock you have, the more you can sell.

Banks not Interested

Importers struggle to get support from the banks as they aren’t interested in financing smaller deals less than £250,000 in value.

The Solution...
Revolving credit facility for UK importers

A revolving credit facility for UK importers is similar to a traditional bank overdraft but with much higher lending limits and
no regular monthly charges.

Key features of these revolving credit facilities are that your import business pays ONLY:

  • For the amount of finance used
  • When used
  • For the time used

It’s like a trading with your overseas suppliers on “open credit” terms but without being tied to any single supplier or country of supply and your import Business is in complete control of the payment and credit terms agreed.

A revolving credit facility for UK importers enables you to pay for imports using “other peoples money” and have re-sold the imported goods for a profit before repayment is due.

Imagine the improvement to your cash flow, the supply terms you could negotiate and the size of deals and trades you could capture with such a revolving credit facility supporting your Business!


Pay for you products with profit not debts, improve you cashflow, negotiate better supply terms and have more products to sell.

Download you FREE report on how to finance your imports without going into debt.

Paul Jolley,
Import Finance Specialist

“Not just a broker! I am an international business developer as well as an import finance specialist thus able to apply a holistic approach to your business. Different because I work for you not any lender, all suggestions and solutions will enable your business to grow”

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