More than supply chain financing

As a business people with over 24 years experience of creating and developing international businesses we offer more than supply chain financing solutions.

Finance is just a commodity:

Whatever method is used to finance your supply chain, we appreciate that cash is merely a commodity, a need that facilitates your import business ambitions.

For example your first statement to the salesman at a dealer showroom would not be “give me finance”! It would more likely be ” I want that car, help me get that car”.

Your want, your ambition, is the car, your need is the finance to help you achieve your ambition.

We’ll focus on your Business first:

Our ethos of business first, funding second acknowledges the above fact which is why, initially, we focus on understanding you, your business and the ambitions more than supply chain financing solutions.

The solutions come later once we fully understand:

  • What you do?
  • How you do it? and
  • Who you do it for?

Then we’ll map your supply chain:

Part of our unique process is to “map” your supply chain process from your customer order right through to your delivery.

This often highlights supply chain improvements, (order process, discount opportunities, margin improvements etc.), which will reduce the overall cost of the import finance solution.

Because we offer a personal service, that supply chain mapping process often leads to a discussion on topics that concern you more than supply chain financing.

Discuss more than supply chain financing:

Example topics are:

Import VAT & Duty

Freight & Shipping

Finding suppliers

Culture & Language

Quality & Inspection

Documentation & paperwork

Law and regulations

Payment methods

Currency exchange

Marketing, pricing & sales

As business people we strive to be fully aware of those complementary solutions that form the whole of your import business.

Deliver more than supply chain financing:

Whenever possible we will happily refer you to other providers & experts offering those complementary solutions, no charge, it’s simply what business people do to help each other.

Our trade news & views journal also provides commentary on the topics listed which you may find interesting. Certainly we discuss far more than supply chain financing.

Overall if, as part of our engagement with you, we can help to improve your import business, save you money overall on your choice of import finance solution, or connect you with another solution provider we’ll be satisfied to have offered a service beyond supply chain financing.