Methods of import finance

So many options:

One consequence of the last recession was the splintering of commercial finance into a vast number of niche suppliers. This makes it difficult for importers to know what methods of import finance are available and which solution is right for them.

As a whole of market import finance brokerage we source and utilise all methods of import finance offered nationally by alternative finance suppliers and banks.

Our skills will help you find right option:

Below are just some of the skills we offer which will help if you’re confused by all the options:

  • In-depth knowledge of all types of commercial finance suitable for businesses that import
  • Awareness of the latest and constantly changing methods of import finance in the market
  • Knowing which of the commercial lenders that fit your needs actually have funds available to lend
  • Understanding the lending criteria of each of those commercial lenders and matching your unique set of business needs in terms of cost, flexibility, ease of access and level of security to that required by the lender
  • The ability to arrange meetings with senior staff representing the lender and, where appropriate, negotiate the terms of any commercial import finance offer

Our ethos of Business first, funding second  applies not just to you as our client importer but equally to our approved panel of lenders.

Bringing importer & lender together:

Having invested time with each of the commercial lenders on the panel to fully understand their business and methods of import finance, they trust our firm to only bring them client cases that match their particular lending criteria.

This saves you significant time waiting for a finance decision and avoids unnecessary credit check footprints on your personal and business credit file.

The unique funding process we’ll take you through has received praise across the industry as it enables us to describe, in detail, you & your import Business to a prospective commercial lender and on many occasions has been proven to swing a potential “no” to a definite “yes”

Specific methods of import finance:

Whilst vast and ever changing the broad methods of import finance solutions we utilise comprise:

Solution Solution
Revolving credit facility Import business loans
Asset finance Invoice finance
Commercial overdraft Asset finance bridging
Import trade finance Purchase order finance
Stock finance Supplier finance
Commodity finance Component finance