Long term client relationships

In the 21st Century of information & technology it is our belief that the importance of personal interaction has been forgotten by many organisations.

Cash is just a commodity. The people within, and the emotion they bring to a business, is what first creates and then drives it.

The web is an excellent resource for information providing the practical “how” but a terrible tool for making a decision requiring the emotional “what” and “why”.

We will always be available, in person, to discuss your funding needs holistically in terms of how, what and why.

This commitment is embodied in the four cornerstones upon which this Firm was built:

Client Charter


From the first contact to case conclusion we will be absolutely honest about what can, and importantly cannot, be achieved.

Our sole motivation will be to obtain for you, our client, the best funding solution possible and the proposed choices will never be influenced by the level of fees or commission we may receive.

Hard work:

We have never been convinced by the “work / life balance” movement. We enjoy our work and the passion to deliver means we will work all hours necessary to ensure your case is progressing both efficiently and effectively to conclusion.

When that is achieved then, in our opinion, time spent with family and pursuing hobbies is far more enjoyable.

Attention to detail:

This is embodied within the funding process whereby we evaluate every business completely before acting to propose funding solutions. Once a solution is chosen by the client then we’ll manage the entire application process between funder and client to ensure all parties reach the desired outcome; funds available for the business to use.

Customer Service:

Prior to an engagement you will receive a written engagement instruction containing a summary of your requirements, situation, proposed solutions and a link to these Terms & Conditions of Business.

At all substantive points following engagement you will be kept informed, in writing, and at all times you will know exactly what stage your case has reached and what is required next.

We strive for perfection but as people behind these words and the business we do sometimes fail. Should that happen please speak to your Business funding specialist assigned to your case immediately you become concerned and we promise to deal with the issue immediately.

Proud of what we’ve have created in terms of bringing the personal and emotional aspects back into the finance sector, please read what our Clients have experienced: Testimonials