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Useful UK import guides – Import duty calculator UK

Welcome to our import duty calculator UK review. Part of our series of useful guides on subjects that matter to UK Business importers besides import finance.

In this guide we’ll cover if you’re liable to pay import duty, how it’s calculated and if there are any exemptions or reliefs.

We’ve achieved this by compiling a review of the current top resources including:

Prompted to create this guide by a recent UK Business forums post, quote:

A few years ago I bought a bike from Germany, at the time I found an online calculator to check if there would be any duty/VAT on it, which I’m sure was on the HMRC website and was green in colour. I can’t seem to find it now, the only one I can find it dutycalculator which isn’t free after the first use. Did there used to be a HMRC calculator and is there a free to use calculator?”

We noticed that since June 2017 the very popular dutycalculator is no longer available as a stand alone product.

That solution is recommended by 4 of the top 10 sites delivered by a google search, there is no calculator on the .Gov sites and many of the remaining 1st page results relate to individuals buying goods from overseas via online shopping, (individuals are treated as importers by HMRC in that situation but not much relevance to Business importers).

Therefore, since over 8,000 UK importers search some variation of import duty calculator each month there was clearly a need to save them time by bringing the latest key resources in one place, as both good guidance and calculators exist.

If you’re a UK business importing goods, components, commodities, machinery or equipment from overseas then continue reading.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about import duty and how to estimate or calculate it accurately below…..

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Import duty calculator UK: Shippo

Provided by Shippo, a company founded in 2008 and specialising in helping UK SME’s import from anywhere by sea freight.

Their import duties and taxes guide explains the when, what and how duties and taxes are payable. Most often before you can receive delivery of your imported goods.

If you’re short of time or learn by seeing not reading, there is an excellent 2 min “explainer” video included.

Really valuable is their simple to use free import duty & VAT cost calculator.

Import duty calculator UK: HMRC Import Tax & Duty guide

Even if, like most importers, you decide to use the in house services of your freight forwarder it’s worthwhile understanding the basics of import duty and how it’s calculated.

The guides produced by HMRC provide those basics in easy to understand language and format.

In even simpler terms, if you’re importing from outside the EU you’ll pay duty unless eligible for one of the few duty relief schemes.

There’s no handy import duty calculator UK but spend 5 minutes reading and you’ll understand what import your import tax, duty and VAT obligations are.

Import duty calculator UK – Import

 Does exactly what the website states, it’s a calculator that will estimate your import duty, VAT and incidental costs such as customs clearance fees.

Supporting imports from 9 countries including the UK’s top 2, (China and USA), the only drawbacks with using the calculator are that the estimates are in euros and you’ll need to know your import duty % rate for the goods you’re importing.

If you don’t know the % duty rate there is a link to the TARIC searchable database.

Exchange rates from the currency of the  import countries supported to euros is updated daily, so accurate. However you’ll have to manually convert to UK £ sterling.

Import duty calculator UK – Import services Limited

Established just under 10 years Import Services Ltd., are a global freight and customs broker so understanding import duty and how its calculated is a core skill.

A bit “wordy” but stick with this 1 page guide to calculating import duty as in four steps you’ll fully understand how it’s calculated if you prefer not to simply rely on a auto calculator.

very important point they make at step 1 is that “UK Customs issue exchange rates which they…use to convert currencies“. Therefore to improve the accuracy of your import duty estimate you should use those same exchange rates and the link to the latest set is provided.

No import duty calculator UK available as yet but they state it’s coming soon.

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