Developing UK international trade with import finance solutions

A unique focus on import finance for UK imports & importers:


We are unique as the only independent commercial import finance Firm in the UK focused on imports, importers and international trade into the UK.

Able to finance any type of import, of any value from any origin our clients range from:

  • UK importers, (e.g. wholesalers, retailers, resellers, distributors, manufacturers & ecommerce traders); and
  • Overseas exporters seeking to develop or expand trade with the UK.

Prospective clients come to us as they cannot get Government support, (which is export focused), or traditional Bank support for reasons ranging from deal size, trade structure or speed of decision and finance.


A unique unbiased, whole of market, business first approach:

Not only unique in our focus but also our approach. We are:

  • An independent, whole of market Firm able to develop import finance solutions from Banks, the alternative finance sector, local regional grants and start-up funding.
  • Not tied to any single lender. Hence we can guarantee to get you just the right amount of import finance, of the right type and on the right terms.
  • Founded and run by business people with international expertise in creating, developing and building businesses. We focus on your Business first, talking your language not financial jargon


Offering a personal service to deliver practical, tailored import finance solutions:

No call centre, automated Q&A or chat bots here! Our personal service and the process we’ll take you through will deliver a tailored funding solution that fits your Business and in particular will be:

  • practical
  • workable
  • scalable
  • affordable

Make an enquiry and we’ll start with a no obligation conversation enabling one of us to fully understand you, your Business and importantly what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.

Fiercely independent with access to the entire commercial finance market every solution we propose will be completely without bias, supported by formal commercial expertise and underpinned with 24 years’ international experience creating and developing business.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for visiting our website.

Delivering import finance solutions for a thriving Business

Offering a personal service that is independent, unbiased, business focused and results orientated we help import Businesses to develop by delivering just the right amount of import finance, of the right type, on the right terms and at the right time in a solution tailored specifically to meet their unique business circumstances.

Long term client relationships

To build long term client relationships rather than gain short term customers, our import finance services are based upon the timeless ethics of integrity, hard work, thorough attention to detail and impeccable customer service.

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More than supply chain financing

In addition to import finance, we have partnerships across the supply chain that can potentially reduce the amount borrowed, improve affordability or optimise your current import Business.

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Sources of import finance for business

Prior to accepting an engagement, we take time to fully understand the Business and your ambitions before ever discussing potential sources of import finance.

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Above all being Business owners ourselves, we will only propose a funding solution that enables your import Business to thrive.

Delivering import finance solutions for a thriving Business

We can help with any import finance challenge.

Our clients are typically involved in one or more of the following activities and need import finance to start, grow, expand or diversify their international trade.

However, if you don't see your company acivity described below then simply contact us for a chat about your business development ambitions and specific circumstances.


  • UK Companies importing products for onward wholesale or retail sale, (Business to Business or Business to Consumer sales)
  • UK Companies importing components for use within their own manufacturing process or onward wholesale or retail sale.
  • Overseas Companies exporting into the UK whose UK customers, wholesalers or resellers require a finance solution
  • UK Companies importing equipment or machinery from overseas for "own use" and require the entire international supply chain financing.
  • UK Companies serving niche sectors, (e.g. Subsea engineering), that cross-trade specialist equipment internationally.
  • UK Companies importing equipment or machinery from overseas for distribution or re-sale and require both import finance for their own use and asset finance solutions for their UK customers


Import Finance Solutions

Any type of import of any value can be financed. Choosing the right solution is the challenge

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Imported Asset Finance

Importing equipment or machinery? All forms of finance available including deposit finance

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Import Business Loans

Suitable for any type of import & a vast range of short to long term choice

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Import Debt Factoring

Use the value of your invoices to pay for imports or improve cash flow

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