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23 Oct 2016 Category: Uncategorized Posted by: Paul

Thrive: “grow well, flourish, prosper”.

You may have already read in the main part of this website that the ethos and fundamental principle of my Firm is Business first, funding second.

Whilst I will at the appropriate time perform a commercial audit, the principle above means that before ever discussing Business funding I will get to know you, the management team, aspirations, Business goals, how the Business operates and the challenge or problem I am being asked to solve.

I will always talk to you in business terms not financial jargon, and highlight the unique aspects of your Business against the Business funding solutions available.

After a seafaring career as Navigator and Hydrographer my shoreside commercial career started as a sales engineer. Over time, working in all key functional areas and with various Degrees, Diplomas and Legal qualifications I rose to Board level. My unique skill was building Businesses and Divisions from nothing more than a title heading on a Business plan.

Therefore my passion is Business development of which access to sources of business finance form an important function but no more important than the following functions:

  • A sound solution offer and Business proposition
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Fulfilment
  • Financial Management

Critically, the above key functions plus planning the need for Business funding must continually operate in unison.

That statement applies to any Business, of any form, of any size, offering any solution, trading locally, nationally or internationally and at any stage of their development from start-up to established.

Consequently, it is those functions and especially the management and monitoring of them, that I focus on during the commercial audit.

No matter whether the current Business ambition is to grow, expand, improve or diversify within those functions is the key to how to structure an effective Business finance or investment solution that enables the Business to thrive.

Considering my background, passion, the ethos of my Firm and how important it is to consider a Business holistically not just from a financial perspective this blog, the newsletter and the content published via social media will feature useful information on:

  • Business planning
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Financial Management
  • Legal structure & Legislation
  • Business funding
  • Business management

As all the above are relevant to developing a thriving Business.

Summarising you could consider me as expert at Business, specialist in funding.

I welcome comment, feedback, offers of content and ideas for co-authored articles.

To all that have read this far I wish you and your Business every success for the future.



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