Financing exporters and importers

Our solutions for financing exporters and importers are provided across three broad client categories:

  1. UK import businesses importing finished goods, components, commodities, services, equipment or machinery into the UK from an overseas exporter.
  2. Overseas exporters importing and selling directly into the UK, or selling via a re-seller / distribution channel. To grow sales such exporters refer us to their UK customer, re-seller or distributor who needs import finance to complete a purchase.
  3. UK import businesses importing unfinished goods, components, commodities, equipment or machinery from overseas, then processing or adding value in the UK prior to re-exporting from the UK.

Financing exporters and importers – UK Importers:

Our UK clients are typically involved in one or more of the following activities and need import finance to start, grow, expand or diversify their international trade:

  • UK Companies importing for onward wholesale or retail sale, (Business to Business, or Business to Consumer sales).
  • UK Companies importing for use within their own manufacturing process.
  • UK Companies importing then adding value by some process prior to wholesale or retail sale within the UK.
  • UK Companies purchasing from overseas for “own use”.

Financing exporters and importers – overseas Exporters

We do not provide financing directly to overseas exporters.

We help overseas exporters develop, grow or expand their UK import market by financing their UK buyer.

Those UK buyers will be either:

  • UK businesses buying and importing finished goods, components, commodities, services, equipment or machinery directing for their own use; or
  • UK wholesale, re-seller or distribution businesses buying and importing goods, components, commodities, equipment or machinery for re-sale in the UK either directly or after adding value.

Financing exporters and importers – UK Importer & re-Exporter:

In this category of client we first provide the import finance solution to the UK importer to enable them to purchase goods, components, commodities, equipment or machinery.

Then, after the importer has added value to the original import by some form of process, we provide the export finance solution.

Solution process:

Financing exporters and importers is offered using a process which has been designed to enable us to fully understand your business first before considering any finance solution.

That process has been proven to not only deliver the correct financing to exporters and importers but also deliver:

  • Just the right amount of finance
  • Of the right type
  • On the right terms
  • At the right time

Solution range and options:

As an independent, whole of market commercial import finance Firm, financing exporters and importers is offered from the entire spectrum of commercial finance solutions and lenders.

From our background in shipping, law, business finance and international business development, Ashwood Partnerships was formed to offer something unique: unbiased, independent, import finance solution options.

Those options are summarised in the table below and the information that can be accessed via the links:

Import finance categoryWebsite page for more information
Revolving financeRevolving credit facility for UK importers
Import trade finance fund
Business loansBusiness loan options for UK importers
Short term business loans
Business loans for imported equipment
Import loan
Asset financeLease finance options for importing equipment & machinery
Import asset finance bridging
Deposit finance for importing equipment & machinery
Invoice financeDebt factoring options for UK importers
Overall reviewsImport trade finance products

Please note we can help with any import finance challenge. So, if you have not seen your company activity described above then simply contact us for an informal, no obligation chat about your business needs.