Continued growth of eCommerce

18 Aug 2017 Category: eCommerce, Importing, Overseas suppliers, View & news Posted by: Paul

The impressive and continued growth of the eCommerce giant Alibaba is mirrored in the continual growth of eCommerce in the UK and across Europe.

Whilst the headline stats’ 56% increase in sales with profit, (EBITDA), at 76% are amazing, what caught our eye was the 12% increase in sales within their wholesale import and export division.

Linking that to the year on year 14% average eCommerce growth in Europe, China remains the leading supplier of the imported goods sold online.

Europeans have an average 1.25 mobile subscriptions per person and spend at least 10 of their 30 hours online, shopping.

So, if you’re thinking of starting an eCommerce online business:

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