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eCommerce continues to grow across Europe

Continued growth of eCommerce

18 Aug 2017 Category: eCommerce, Importing, Overseas suppliers, View & news Posted by: Paul
The impressive and continued growth of the eCommerce giant Alibaba is mirrored in the continual growth of eCommerce in the UK and across Europe. Whilst the headline stats’ 56% increase in sales with profit, (EBITDA), at 76% are amazing, what caught our eye was the 12% increase in sales within their wholesale import and export
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The economic factors of choice, quality, price and convenience will remain but with global supply chains and access, not by closing borders.

Protectionism ideas always prosper in times of uncertainty

23 May 2017 Category: Exporting, Importing, View & news Posted by: Paul
euro zone expands trade surplus despite protectionist calls We are entering a phase of severe uncertainty with many causes. I am no expert but observe globalisation, the commoditisation of labour and technology have a major impact. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will significantly impact international trade. For the better in terms of communication, transactional accountability
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Technology, AI and Machine Learning will solve trade uncertainty

17 May 2017 Category: Exporting, Importing, View & news Posted by: Paul
Luxury candle brand looking for leg up to export globally at Amazon Academy Use of the Amazon market place enabled UK SME exporters to generate £1.8Bn revenue in 2016. An astounding figure up 29% on 2015. No figures on what international exporters importing into the UK generated but you can be certain it will be
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