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A few tips more to help you get the best Business finance deal

06 Apr 2017 Category: Finance, Funding Posted by: Paul
In a previous article, I suggested my top 5 tips to help you get a fantastic Business finance deal. When I drafted that article there were actually 11 tips! So here are a few tips more which combined with the first 5 will help you get not just a fantastic but the best deal when applying
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A fistful of tips to help you get a fantastic commercial finance deal

27 Feb 2017 Category: Finance, Funding Posted by: Paul
During initial discussions with prospective clients, I am often asked what is the interest rate? Since the last recession and rise of the alternative business finance sector there is no such thing as a fixed interest rate. Each business loan application is judged on its merits and the rate decided at the time of approval.
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The how, what and why of Business finance

05 Dec 2016 Category: Finance, Funding Posted by: Paul
The internet is a fantastic resource for information but a terrible tool for making a decision. Online resources help you find out how. How to fillet a fish, how to build a house or how to access Business finance. Certainly, entering Business finance into your browser, accessing the results and reading, listening to or watching
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